Jan 18 2009

Association Meeting

Yesterday, the PNSCA held a meeting at Greg and Darla Pessimier’s house.  The agenda for the meeting can be found here.  In attendence were: Greg and Darla (of course), Ed Hauter, John and Kelly Young, Connie Schmoll and Bob Woodruff, Chuck and Diana Linne, Rick Dearinger, Tom Gresham, Howard Johnson, Dan Benham, Steve Iverson, and Chris Williams.

The meeting was led by Ed, our new President, starting promptly at 1:00pm.  We took the following actions:

  • We formally decided on the board, you can see the list of board members here.
  • We discussed and revised the association rules, see the updated rules here.
  • We changed the schedule, you can find the revised 2009 schedule here.
  • We reviewed the web site, which you can obviously see here.
  • We designated John Young as the sponsorship coordinator, and then reviewed the latest list of sponsors and assigned contacts to seek renewal.  You can find the currently renewed sponsors here, and the information for new sponsors here.
  • We decided to follow the 2009 NHRA Divisional Rules for the points calculation.
  • And finally we decided to postpone a decision on whether to hold a shootout event for a later date.

The meeting was then ajourned at approximately 4:30.  It was a great meeting, and we accomplished a great deal.  Special thanks go to the association leadership, Ed, John, and Connie, for stepping up to make this association vital and active.