Feb 23 2009

PNSCA Racers at the Arizona Nationals

Bob Woodruff at Firebird

Bob Woodruff with Connie Schmoll

Two of our regulars from the Seattle area made the eventful tow through snow, heavy rain and wind to finally get to sunny Phoenix, Arizona. Bob Woodruff (2008 PNSCA Champ) and Earl Cunningham started out on Friday with the good and bad. Bob’s car worked great after lots of maintenance and installing a new carb over the winter. Earl’s car was definitely not working well, with transmission and shifter problems that plagued both runs forcing a tranny swap Friday night.

Earl Cunningham at Firebird

Earl Cunningham in Phoenix

On Saturday, first round came early with Bob facing a very tough draw and coming up short on the win light allocation. Earl, on the other hand, was driving very well and made winning first and second round seem easy. On to Sunday, were he continued his winning ways on to the fifth round were things got tough against a D5 guy with a slightly better package.

So now, on to the upcoming D7 race this coming weekend again at Firebird Raceway.  Best of luck to them both.