Mar 12 2009

Hoosier Tire Northwest to Sponsor the PNSCA in 2009

Paul Nero, owner of Hoosier Tire Northwest & JP Performance has agreed to continue sponsorship of the PNSCA through the 2009 race season.

Paul’s been a racer since he was old enough to drive. Paul learned the art of tires beginning in 1991 at a Les Schwab store in Eugene, Oregon where he spent five years. He started JP Performance in 2000 and was awarded the Northwest Hoosier Dealership in 2003. Paul’s latest venture is Hoosier Tire Northwest.  Hoosier Tire Northwest is an e-business where Hoosier tires can be purchased at

Paul has competed in several different classes in both door cars and dragsters. He has the experience and know-how to help you pick the Hoosier tire that’s correct for your application. Paul can be found at all of the major Division Six events and is ready to provide all of the service that can be expected from a premium tire company.

As an official Hoosier dealer, nobody can get better quality Hoosier tires than Paul as all sets are matched and are the newest available in the U.S. This means the tire circumferences are the same and the tires haven’t been stored in a warehouse for an unknown period of time.  His prices are competitive to mail order and his service is unmatched.

The PNSCA is glad to have Paul Nero and Hoosier Tire Northwest as a returning sponsor for 2009.