Mar 14 2009

Peninsula Lubricants Returns to Sponsor the PNSCA in 2009

Rick Dearinger, Super Comp racer and owner of Peninsula Lubricants, has renewed his sponsorship agreement with the PNSCA.

Starting business in 1996, Rick founded Peninsula Lubricants as a way to support his racing program. Peninsula Lubricants sells synthetic gear oils from Kendall as well as Unocal Fleet motor oils, greases, and gear oils. In addition, Peninsula Lubricants carries race gas from Sunoco in 110 and 112 octane ratings. They can also get Trick Racing Fuel. Peninsula Lubricants is committed to taking care of their oil customers and strive for their satisfaction. Rick can be contacted at 360-452-8376.

Rick is super tough on the track, finishing second in the 2008 Power Punch Series. PNSCA is pleased to have him with us as a racer and we’re pleased to have Peninsula Lubricants as a sponsor!!