Apr 09 2009

The PNSCA Welcomes Back Summers Chiropractic & Massage for 2009

As caring health care providers, the Summers family has been serving the Federal Way area since 1984. They believe every patient is an individual and should be treated as one, therefore they apply techniques specific to the patient’s goals. Their clients range from world class athletes across multiple sporting spectrums, to world class everyday people.

The philosophy at Summers Chiropractic & Massage is: Think positive be positive… Health care does not have to be difficult, it just has to work. At Summers Chiropractic they step up to the plate and produce results, they are not afraid of the hard, difficult and supposed impossible cases. They look forward to building another champion with in you in whatever your goal may be.

Dr. Greg Summers has been a sponsor of the PNSCA for several years and we would like to let him know that his gracious support is appreciated.