May 11 2009

Results from Bremerton 1

Here are the results from the first race of this weekend’s season opener at Bremerton.

Bremerton Race 1 - 2009-05-09
1Woodruff, Bob96
2Young, John75
3Hauter, Ed64
4Linne, Charles53
 Sefton, Donald53
 Yoder, Brandon53
7Gresham, Tom42
 Johnson, Howard42
 McGhee, Jeremy42
 Pessimer, Greg42
 Seekins, Mike42
12Benham, Dan31
 Cunningham, Earl31
 Dearinger, Rick31
 Harper, Roger31
 Heritage, Marc31
 Kooker, Dennis31
 Stanley, Shawn31
 Trujillo, Moe31
 Williams, Emily31
 Yoder, Jeff31
Total Racers21

Congratulations once again to Bob for the win.  Results for the abbreviated second race are still being calculated and will be posted as soon as they are avaiable.