May 10 2009

Season Opener Offers Something for Everyone

This weekend’s Season’s Opening PNSCA race at Bremerton Raceway offered something for everyone.  Want great racing?  Check.  Want a good car count?  Check.  Want a little drama?  You bet.  Want some hot lapping?  It was there.  Want some “hurry up and wait”?  Had that too.

The weekend started with great promise on Saturday.  Lots of sun and blue sky greeted the 20 racers in the morning.  The day was clear, the track was too, and we got two good solid time runs in to set the field.

But then, when it came to run round one later in the afternoon, the track became an issue.  They found seeping water at about the 330′ mark and it caused a major delay while the track crew worked to address the problem.  After some 45 minutes of us waiting in the lanes, they assured us all was good and we ran round one.  This is where the drama came in.  Several racers, including Bob Woodruff and others, hit the water area and got far too loose for comfort.  Some had to get out of it, others had very scary rides that shook up drivers, friends, family, and spectators alike.

Bob Woodruff in the Early Rounds

Bob Woodruff in the Early Rounds

After the conclusion of this round, the track wisely asked us to postpone the balance of the race until Sunday, so they could work on the water issue.  A meeting was held and it was decided that we’d throw out round one, as it was clearly not fair for all parties.  The schedule was set for Sunday, with one time run to set race two’s field, rerun the first race in its entirety, then run the second race.

It was a great plan.  But like many great plans, it didn’t quite work out that way.  Sunday dawned with another great racing day, but it wasn’t until almost 11:00 that the time run (to set race two’s field) was run.  And round one of the rescheduled race didn’t happen until 1:00.  Despite our best efforts to get the track time needed, the first race wasn’t complete until after 5:00.

The race was won by Bob Woodruff with a final round victory over John Young.  Congrats to Bob for the win, and to John for taking a valiant effort into the finals.

John Young and Bob Woodruff in the Finals

John Young and Bob Woodruff in the Finals

Unfortunately many racers, especially those with long hauls, had to leave.  So when race two got underway, at about 5:30, there were more than a few singles.  Round two was completed after much abbreviated turn-arounds, but right as round three was starting, the rain came.  The race was called.  The glory and the prize money will be split among the round two victors.

So, all in all, there was some great racing, some pretty scary moments, and yet a good time was had by all.  Pretty much what you can say about most drag racing weekends.

The points will be posted promptly, as soon as we can get the ol’ abacus cranked up to do the calculations.  The next PNSCA race is just this next weekend in Woodburn, Oregon.  Hope to see you all at the track.