Jul 28 2009

Mission Recap

It was a hot time in Mission this weekend, hot weather to match the hot racing on the track.

A number of PNSCA members made it to the track on Friday for the test session, and the weather was fine: sunny and warm with temps in the mid-80’s (28 or so for you celsius folks).  The track was in good shape and wide open so you could get in just about as many passes as you wanted.

Saturday dawned warmer, though, with promises of hot weather late in the day.  There were a lot of racers at the track, most there for the Canadian National Open race, and a good crowd to see the nitro and alcohol funny cars that were there.  Also in attendance were a number of new (or absent for several years) PNSCA racers including:

  • Kurt Schultz, Warman SK
  • George Evans, Surrey BC
  • Dwaine Ringguth, Grande Prairie AB
  • Francesca Giroux, Edmonton AB
  • Mike Shannon, Kelowna BC
  • Al Hampton, Surrey BC
  • Dale Green, Kent WA

Dale and his company DG Machine are the engine builders for many PNSCA racers, and are former sponsors of the PNSCA.  Was good to see him back out racing with us.

The PNSCA racers got in two time runs and began eliminations mid-afternoon.  The racing went along just fine, despite temps in the upper 80’s (over 30C) until about 5:00 when the skies literally opened up.  And just in time for the final match between John Young and Dale Green.  With Noah-level rain, racing was canceled for the day.  John and Dale agreed to split the money, and race for the trophy if they met in eliminations the next day.  But it was a good day, with solid performances from many PNSCA regulars, with Rick Dearinger, Roger Harper, Mike Seekins, and our Pres. Ed Hauter all going rounds.  You can check all the results here.

Sunday dawned damp, muggy, and warmer still, the temps went well into the 90s (about 35C).  We went right into eliminations for the Open at about 11am, and Emily Williams grabbed the #1 spot with a dead-on 8.900 and a .005 RT.  As the day wore on and the heat built up, so did the racing.  John Young and Dale Green did meet in the third round, and John won the PNSCA trophy from the day before.

John Young tells Ed Hauter how he does it.

John Young tells Ed Hauter how he does it.

There was also some unfinished business from the D6 Woodburn race, where Ed Hauter and John Young were scheduled to meet in the final, and were rained out.  That matchup was run, and John Young won the Wally.  And as Sunday wrapped up, John pulled off the hat trick, and won the Canadian National Open, winning his third event of the day.

So along with the blisteringly hot and muggy weather, John Young showed that he is also certifiably hot.  He moved up into a tie with Ed Hauter for second in the points, but both have a long way to go to catch Bob Woodruff in his march to the Power Punch championship.  Check the full season standings here.

The next PNSCA race is a double header in Bremerton on August 15th and 16th.  Hope to see you there.