Aug 22 2009

Points Battles Heat Up at Bremerton

Racing this past weekend at Bremerton featured lots of movement in the points chase.  While Bob Woodruff has a solid lead at the top, the battles for the balance of the top 10 spots were in flux all weekend.

The battle for second through fourth is a tight chase with John Young, Rick Dearinger, and Ed Hauter changing positions with every race.  Rick took advantage of a win on Saturday to move up in the points, only to be pushed back on Sunday by the white-hot John Young who won on Sunday.  When the weekend was over John held onto second by a single point.

Emily Williams takes on Rod Lee in Saturday's Round 2

Emily Williams takes on Rod Lee in Saturday's Round 2

The chase for fifth through seventh is another tight battle between Chuck Linne, Tom Gresham, and Emily Williams.  It was also a back-and-forth battle with Emily getting into the semis on Saturday to take over fifth, only to drop back to seventh on Sunday as Tom and Chuck went rounds.  Only 11 points separate the three of them.  And Jeff Yoder showed he was not to be taken lightly as he was the only racer to win round one both days, moving him to eighth place in the points.

And finally the race to finish in the top ten couldn’t be much closer.  Roger Harper is in ninth with over 50 points on the 10 place racer, Branden Yoder.  But Branden has a slim two point lead on the 11th place racer Dan Benham.

It is clear all of these races will come down to the final doubleheader at Woodburn on September 12-13.  With several contenders hitting their 8 race limit this weekend, while others still have races to go, it will surely be a nail-biter.  Please make plans to join us there!