Jan 24 2010

Annual Meeting Recap

Staging Lanes

Can't Wait for the Season to Start

The PNSCA Annual Meeting was held at 1:00pm yesterday.  Thank you to all those who took the time to attend.

In attendance were: our hosts Greg and Darla Pessemier, PNSCA President Ed Hauter, Treasurer Connie Schmoll, Bob Woodruff, Steve Iverson, Steve Iverson Jr., Howard Johnson, Chuck Linne, Tom Gresham, and Chris Williams.  The business items discussed were:

  • With John Young recently tendering his resignation as VP, we need a new VP and Sponsor Coordinator.  Chris Williams (yours truly) was nominated and elected to the post.  This was done with the understanding that he’ll need the help of the longer-term members to wrangle sponsors, since he’s relatively new to the organization.  All those in attendance promised to assist.
  • The Rules were reviewed and edited.  The updated rules can be seen here.  Other than the additional of a small annual membership fee (see below), there were mostly clarifications of existing rules.  All participants are encouraged to read and review these updated rules.
  • The schedule was discussed at length.  The loss of Spokane, Acton, and Medford made this an animated discussion.  Despite concerted efforts to get one or more events at Pacific, track management was unable to provide us with satisfactory dates.  So the decision was made to add an additional doubleheader to Mission.  The tentative schedule is posted here, pending final confirmation with all the host tracks.
  • Chris Williams discussed future web site enhancements.  Those will include the addition of a FAQ page, a prominent link encouraging people to come race with us, some kind of advertisement or store for PNSCA logo wear, and a photo/video gallery.  In addition, improvements will be made to the printing and mobile device formats, and ease of race data entry.  Finally, sponsors will get more prominent mention in the sidebar, and a rotating position on the sponsor page.  All PNSCA racers and their families are encouraged to forward photos, videos, interesting personal stories (including non-racing stories) to Chris for posting on the website.
  • Sponsors were the next discussion topic.  Steve Iverson worked hard to get a new title sponsor on board, but in the end was unsuccessful.  Ed Hauter has worked on additional potential major sponsors, but more time is needed.  Ed and Chuck Linne will pursue a renewal of Power Punch for our series title sponsor.  Chris Williams will be drafting a new sponsorship proposal packet and will post this on the web site for everyone to use when discussing potential PNSCA sponsorships.  The deadline for sponsor payments to be included on the T-Shirt was set at April 15th.
  • Connie Schmoll discussed PNSCA finances.  We’re entering 2010 with a little less in the bank than last year, so additional revenues were discussed.  After much discussion, an annual membership fee of $20 was approved.  It is a one-time fee to be paid before (or at) the first race.  Race fees will stay the same at $60 for members, and were set at $70 for non-members (guests).  In addition, it was decided that the T-Shirt would be simplified, with a smaller logo on the front and the detailed information on the back.  It was decided that this simpler design will save money and most likely increase shirt sales.
  • Finally, we discussed points and decided to stay with the same format: NHRA divisional points, plus one point for attending each race.

The meeting was adjourned at about 3:45.  Thanks again to Greg and Darla Pessemier for being such gracious hosts.