Aug 16 2010

Hot Weather and Hot Racers in Bremerton

It was a hot weekend in Bremerton, with temperatures well into the 90s. And there were a couple of very hot racers as well.

Don Sefton and Shelly, All Smiles after Saturday's Win

Saturday dawned hot, and it only got hotter and steamier from there. By late afternoon, several weather stations were recording 95. And it also was a good day for Don Sefton who systematically worked his way through the field to the win.

Saturday's Runner-Up Rick and Gladys Dearinger

Saturday was also a good day for Rick Dearinger, who missed the first couple of races of the year with engine issues, but rose to the occasion to make the finals.

All Smiles, Dale Hrenko Won His First S/C Race on Sunday

Dale Hrenko prepares to take out his first victim, Emily Williams

Sunday was not quite as hot, temperatures only reached the low 90s.  That little cooling off, however, was completely lost on Dale Hrenko who became certifiably hot.  Dale was deadly on the tree all day long, winning three of his four races on holeshots.  He recorded reaction times of .010,  .003,  .012, and .011 — an average of only .009.

Dale Hrenko and Bob Woodruff prepare for the Sunday final

The win was Dale’s first Super Comp win and comes in only his first year in the class. And to get there, he had to take out PNSCA Power Punch Series leader Bob Woodruff in the final, no small task.

Dale Hrenko (right) and Crew


Also having a great weekend was Chuck Linne, who made it to the semifinals both days. It was great to see Chuck with a spring back in his step, and going rounds.


Connie Schmoll and Bob Woodruff

By going rounds this weekend, series leader Bob Woodruff put more distance on the rest of the Power Punch Series field. Barring a complete meltdown in Woodburn, coupled with an impressive performance by Ed Hauter or Emily Williams, it appears that Bob is on his way to an unprecedented “three-peat” third consecutive PNSCA series title.

Please make plans to join us for the season finale doubleheader in Woodburn on September 10 and 11. See you there!