Sep 17 2010

Season Finale Lives Up to Billing

As predicted, there was more than a little shuffling in the points at Woodburn this past weekend.  The top 10 was scrambled, and thoroughly.

Don Sefton Collects for Saturday's Win

The weather was wonderful all weekend, with clear skies and moderate temperatures.  But the racing was hot.  Saturday was won by Don Sefton, who had also posted a strong win last month in Bremerton.  Don beat PNSCA relative newcomer Jim Glenn in the final.  The race featured a charge into the semi-finals by Ed Hauter who entered the weekend with a mathematical chance to pull off a stunning come-from-behind and unseat two-time champ Bob Woodruff.

Yoder and Dearinger Face Off in Sunday's FInal

Sunday was another great day of racing.  Rick Dearinger won the race, charging from 5th in the points at the start of the weekend up into 3rd with the victory.  Rick defeated Brandon Yoder in the finals to take the win.  The semi-finals featured Dale Hrenko topping off a great first year in Super Comp with a strong showing, enough to move him into 6th in the points.  Ed Hauter ended the season in 2nd place in the points after bowing out in round two.

The points for the 2010 Power Punch Series are now final, and you can see the results on the Race Results page.  This took a couple of extra days to finalize as we needed a clarification in the rules.  After much research, it was recalled that the bonus PNSCA point for showing up at the race should be given, even when a race is dropped for the best 8 of 11 format.  This is the way it has been done in the past, and the programmer (yours truly) had not included that in the points calculations for the web site.  Oops.  But this is changed now, by awarding competitors who dropped races (Bob and Ed) a single point for their dropped races.

Bob Woodruff Get's the Three-Peat

Congratulations go out to Bob Woodruff for his convincing “three-peat” victory, wrapping up the PNSCA Power Punch series championship for the third year in a row.  And he did it in convincing fashion, ending the year a full 75 points (a semi-final) ahead of Ed Hauter in second.  I’m sure everyone joins me in congratulating Bob, and can’t wait for the banquet to raise a glass to him for his domination.  And then we’ll all get back to doing whatever we can to make sure he doesn’t “four-peat”…

As noted, the celebration banquet will be held Saturday, November 13th.  More details to follow shortly, but please make plans to attend and celebrate the great season of Super Comp racing we’ve had.