May 09 2011

Rain Finally Wins in Bremerton

Ed Hauter Eyes the Skies

The second day of the PNSCA opening weekend had a better turnout, but less luck with the weather.  When the day was done, Ed Hauter and Don Sefton split the prize (and the trophy?) finally giving into the rain.

A better forecast brought out three more racers, doubling the Saturday field.  But with all the emphasis on the fun of racing the 1/8th mile, it was still a light turnout.  Where were all you forum denizens who insisted that the change would make for crowds at the gate?

Nonetheless, it was a fun weekend, and Don Sefton certainly put his mark on the new PNSCA season with two final round appearances.  The PNSCA title chance will resume on May 21&22 at Woodburn Dragstrip.  Hope to see everyone there!

  • By TLea, May 11, 2011 @ 7:57 pm

    im not sure who posed the question as to where some racers were this weekend in the article/editorial. some of us unfortunately have to pick and choose when and where we go due to limited budgets. weather, gas prices, air tempurature, cloud cover..shall i continue? there was also a group of us missing on saturday due to the memorial services in vancouver, wa.for one of our fallen super comp racers, Holly Gaynor. she was a tough racer and had been dealt a rough hand as of late. if you ever lose faith in good, fun people in drag racing, stop by the Gaynor camp. it will restore your faith in why we do this. im stopping by there at woodburn…i need a re-charge.


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