May 07 2011

Threat of Rain Doesn’t Dampen Sefton

Don Sefton and Crew

On-again-off-again rain didn’t seem to harm Don Sefton’s concentration on his way to the winner’s circle in the first race of the PNSCA 2011 season.  Don missed the first qualifying session due to work, but still managed to qualify #1 at the first 1/8th mile contest in the PNSCA’s recent history.  Notching a clean 5.75, he grabbed the top spot in just one pass and earned his way into the final.  There he defeated Greg Pessemier to take the trophy.

After a lot of rain overnight that chased many participants away, the day turned out to be beautiful and a great opener to the season.  With all the input from racers far and wide to run 1/8th mile, we need a much stronger turnout to make it a success.  Please take advantage of the much better forecast for Sunday to join us at the track!