Sep 26 2011

Woodburn and Season Wrap-up

 The 2011 PNSCA Points Chase is complete. Going into the Final double header at Woodburn, five racers could still win the PNSCA Championship. Greg Pessimer has lead the points all season, with a runner-up at Bremerton 1 and Woodburn 7. Dale Hrenko was in second place for most of the season with a runner-up finish at Woodburn 4. Ed Hauter was in third place all season with runner-up finishes at Bremerton 2,10, and 11. Bob Woodruff, with only 9 races, moved up to second place in August after a win at Bremerton 10. Tom Gresham, who has been in the top ten all year, came alive with a win at Bremerton 11. Tom has had an amazing second half of the season in NHRA National and Divisional events!! Earl Cunningham, also with only 9 races has been steady all year long winning rounds.

Our Champ!

At the final PNSCA event in Woodburn the weather forecast was a big concern. After an early qualifying round with the biggest car count we have had in over 5 years 33 racers were standing around watching it rain. Ross Souza was number one qualifier with a 8:901 and Emily Williams was number 33 with a 8:52 (Lowest ET of the event in SC). Finally at almost 5:00 pm we started first round and by 7:30 pm we were down to Tom Gresham and Kurt Gross when Jay pulled the plug for the day.

During eliminations Tom got the win light in first round racing Marsha Miller, second round Michael Dalrymple, third round Brandon Yoder, fourth round Jim Glenn, with a single into the Final with Kurt. On the other side of the eliminations ladder Kurt got the win light in first round racing Natalie Peck, second round Frank Serdar, third round Earl Cunningham, fourth round single, with a win over Emily Williams into the Final with Tom. Emily Williams got to the semi’s getting the win light in the first round racing Rick Dearinger, second round Emmett McKillop, third round Tom Bayer, and in the fourth round beat Bob Woodruff driving Chris’s Brand New EFI equipped Monden dragster. After it was all said and done PNSCA awarded almost $2000 to the final three racers.

We want to THANK all the first time PNSCA racers!!