Dec 31 2011

Tentative Race dates for the PNSCA 2012 Schedule

We have negotiated tentative Race dates for the PNSCA 2012 Schedule. We will discuss these dates at our board meeting in January.
Woodburn is the three weekends we have done in the last several seasons.
May 19-20, June 9-10, September 15-16.
Bremerton Opener has been plagued with weather and attendance problems, so we have asked for a later start of June 15 for a single race on the Friday before the National Open that weekend 16 and 17. They also have several other weekend dates if needed.
We are finding it difficult to get Sat/Sun dates from tracks that count on their road course for a lot of their revenue. (Pacific and Spokane)
At Spokane, Cindy has June 29 (Friday night) and June 30 (all day) this is the weekend after their D6 race.
At Pacific Raceways, Jason has July 6 (Friday night) and July 7 (all day and night) plus the TNT for the D6 race Aug 16.
The Mission single race is again the Saturday of the National Open, July 21.
Renegade Raceway in Yakima, that is being managed by Derek Snelson, is interested in having a PNSCA Event in 2012.