May 29 2012

PNSCA Well Represented at Mission Divisional

This weekend’s division six race at Mission was well attended by many PNSCA regulars.  Frequent PNSCA racers Earl Cunningham and Dan Benham made it into the later rounds, and our president Ed Hauter made it to the finals, finishing runner-up to Stefan Kondolay.  Congratulations to them all.

Also noteworthy is PNSCA regulars currently holding down 4 of the top ten spots in the D6 SC Points standings. Earl in third, Bob Woodruff in fourth, Tom Gresham in fifth, and Ed in eighth.

The race was marred by an unfortunate incident on Friday where a TAFC team member was injured on the starting line.  The crew member, Stanley Wise, was without medical insurance coverage and needed surgery to repair his injured legs.  After passing the hat, the PNSCA made a contribution to the medical bill fund in the amount of $190.  Thanks to the contributors: Rick and Gladys Dearinger, Tory and Corina Lea, Chuck Linne, Chris Williams, Dale Hrenko and Kami, Ed Hauter and Tami, Paul and Staci Nowak, Bob and Connie Woodruff, and Earl and Katie Cunningham.