May 11 2012

Sponsorship Rewards Return

Looking to race in the PNSCA for free? You can, all you have to do is sign up new sponsors. Once again this year, the Race for Sponsors program returns.  Here’s how it works:

For every $10 of new sponsorships you bring in, you get $1 worth of credit toward entry fees. For example, for every $600 in signed agreements (and/or checks without an agreement) you bring in, you get a race entry for free. Even though this example is supporting sponsorships, this applies for all our sponsorship levels: day sponsors, associate sponsors, even series sponsors. This even works for you. If you do nothing but contribute $300 for yourself (and you weren’t a 2011 sponsor), you get $30 off a race.

New this year is that the race credit applies only to new sponsors, ones who did not support the PNSCA in 2011.  But returning sponsors from prior years are fair game, and of course the support of returning 2011 sponsors is always welcome.  Also new this year, is that there is no deadline.  If you bring in a new sponsor anytime this year, you get the race credit.

All prizes have no cash value, they are good for entry fees only. The maximum credits that can be applied in a single year is $300 (five races), unused credits carry over to the next year. And if you’re wondering, no, the free entries won’t effect the payouts at the races.

All the materials you need to get sponsorships are at If you need anything to help in your search for sponsors (such as the brochure in glossy printed form) send an email to We’re here to help.

Now go out there, get sponsors, and race for free. If you get to the semis or better, it’s like getting free money!