Jun 12 2012

Beck Goes the Extra Mile to Win Race 4


Randy Beck with his Crew

Randy Beck beat Ed Hauter to win race number four in the PNSCA series at Woodburn on Sunday, but that’s only half the story.  How Randy came to race with us was a journey in itself.

Randy was at the D7 race in Fallon, Nevada on Saturday.  He was on target for a good race, and even made the SC shootout semis — beating always-tough Stephan Kondolay in the process.  Then work called and said they needed him in Seattle first thing Monday morning.  There was no way he could compete in the D7 race and make that deadline, so he packed up and headed north.

On the road Randy checked the PNSCA web site, saw we were racing in Woodburn, right on the way.  So he called his Seattle-area pit crew (his wife and brother), told them to meet them at Woodburn, and he pulled in around midnight.  His great roll from Fallon continued and he went on to win the race.  And still make it home in time for work first thing Monday morning.


Randy Beck and Ed Hauter line Up for the Finals

Eight cars made the entry list, with Tom Gresham getting his rear end repaired from Saturday with lots of help from Bob Miller, Moe Trujillo, and others.  But Ty Anderson broke an axle on his burnout for his qualifying pass, so only 7 cars lined up for round one.  Tom Bachand and Marcia Miller made the semis, and into the money.

Thanks to everyone for racing with us, and especially Randy for joining the fun at the last minute.  Please be sure to give Ed feedback (see below) about the Spokane race at the end of the month.