Jun 15 2012

New System Keeps Racers Up to Date

New Race Results System

The PNSCA rolled out an internal system this year to keep track of race results.  The new system allows for race entries and round-by-round results to be entered at the track, in real time.  Racers unable to make it to the event can still follow on the PNSCA web site, and keep track of race and series points.

Developed in house, the Race Results system keeps track of each racer’s entry into the race, and then as the race proceeds from qualifying through the final round, each racer’s points are calculated and updated to the PNSCA site as it happens.  The system even calculates purse and payout amounts on the fly.  If a race is stopped due to weather or other conditions, the points and payout are accurate up-to-the-minute.

This system has greatly improved the timeliness of PNSCA results, and made it far easier on PNSCA staff to manage and track points and payouts while at the track.  Most of the system is “behind the scenes”, all you’ll see is timely and accurate results on the web site.  But we thought you’d like to know.