Aug 27 2012

Dale Hrenko and Tory Lea Win at Bremerton!!

The PNSCA double header at Bremerton was completed with near perfect weather. On Saturday 13 cars entered the event. Rick Dearinger laid down an 8.906 on his first qualifying run and got the first round bye run. Rick and Tom Gresham met up second round with Tom getting the win light moving him on to face Geoff Hughes. In the third round both had .00_  lights and break out runs, with Tom moving on to meet Dale Hrenko in the final. On the other side of the ladder Dale qualified second with an 8.908 on his first run and met Dave Barcelon first round. Dave went -.001 Red giving Dale the bye run in the second round. Dale and Don Sefton met in the semis with another foul start sending Dale into the final to meet Tom. In the final Dale laid down a .006 RT to get the win light with identical 8.915 ET’s. This was Dale’s second PNSCA win and it was very special for him and his mom, Millie! This was the first time she had EVER seen him race!!!! Congrats to Dale and Kami for his win, and as they plan to be married in Hawaii in September.

On Sunday, with 11 cars, Tory Lea also laid down a great 8.905 on his first qualifying run and got the first round bye run. In the second round Tory faced Don Sefton; Don’s foul start sent Tory to the semi’s to face Tom Gresham. With close RT’s Tom’s 8.892 breakout, gave Tory a pass to the final. On the other side of the ladder, and near the bottom of the qualifying sheet, Mike Seekins faced Tom Bachand first round. Tom went red with a -.004, giving Mike a chance to race the Series Points leader Earl Cunningham in round 2. Earl laid down a perfect 8.900 with a .005 light and was late to Geoff’s Hughes’s .000 RT first round! Mike was closer to the 8.90 in round 2 as he and Earl both broke out giving Mike the semi round single to meet Tory in the final. Tory gets the automatic win light as Mike was -.001 Red. Tory goes from number one to Champ!!! This was Tory’s first PNSCA WIN!!!!! We also want to congratulate Tom Gresham and Rose who are getting married in September in Oregon, and also honeymooning in Hawaii!!

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