Sep 29 2012

Finals Day One Results in Lead Change

Living up to the pre-race hype, the Series Finals at Yakima started off with a bang.  The first race for the PNSCA at the Yakima track wasn’t without it’s bumps, but ended with the first win for a long time PNSCA racer, and resulted in a lead change in the PNSCA series.  The last day of the finals promises to be a good one.

The Yakima staff hadn’t seen Super Comp cars before, so we had to set up the computer systems for the racers for the first time.  In the first qualifying session, the Autostart was not set properly and racers were held on their converters far too long.  Some gave in, some rode it out.  In the end, we tossed the first qualifying session, and turned Autostart off.  This resulted in some quick trees in Q2, but by Q3 and eliminations, the tree was fine.

In round one, series points leader Earl Cunningham and close second place racer Tory Lea both went out.  Because Tory still had races to claim, this resulted in him edging Earl by one point in the series standings.  Tomorrow’s race will decide the closest series championship in some time.

Finalists Chuck Linne and Tom Bachand

The final round saw Chuck Linne taking the win over Tom Bachand for Chuck’s first ever win after years of racing in the PNSCA.  Congrats to Chuck for this long-overdue victory, to Tom for his first PNSCA final round appearance, and to Geoff Hughes for making the semi-finals.

Tomorrow’s final day of PNSCA competition for the year will be a good one.  Hope to see you there!