Sep 30 2012

Tory Lea Wins The Championship

Today’s race turned out to be just what the script writers ordered.  Tory Lea pulled one point ahead of Earl Cunningham in the season points in yesterday’s race, so we were assured that today’s race would be the season decider.

Tory Lea (left) takes on Earl Cunningham for the season championship

When both Tory and Earl won in their first round match-ups today, it set up the deciding race for round two.  Tory took the championship with a .090 advantage on the starting line that he never relinquished.  Tory then went on to win the race with a final round victory over yesterday’s winner, Chuck Linne.

Today began with an outstanding qualifying effort by Randy Beck who posted a fantastic 8.904 to earn a round one bye.  He then posted an even better 8.903 in his bye run, but fell off in round two and lost to Chuck Linne.

Tory Lea and his daughter Carina celebrate the PNSCA Championship

The “extra effort” award goes to Tom Gresham who arrived back from his honeymoon at 7:30pm last night, got up at 3:30am today and drove to Yakima.  Still in mathematical contention for the championship when the day began, a tough loss to Earl in round one ended his season.  Tom finished third on the year.

Special thanks also go out to Natalie Peck and Geoff Hughes who joined the fun trading off driver duties on Saturday and Sunday, and Tom Bachand to was a finalist on Saturday but had an early exit today.

And a huge thank you to Chuck and Diana Linne of Designs Unlimited, and Rick and Gladys Dearinger of Peninsula Lubricants who sponsored Saturday’s race.  Your ongoing support of PNSCA racing is greatly appreciated!

Congrats to Tory for his win in the race today, and especially on his last weekend victory in the season championship!

We look forward to seeing everyone at the awards banquet and annual meeting.  Stay tuned to this place for more details in the coming months.