Aug 31 2013

Bremerton Bounty

The racing at Bremerton this past Saturday and Sunday was full of bounty — literally and figuratively. A fun weekend of racing brought out several PNSCA veterans, a couple of PNSCA newcomers, and a national Super Comp racing heavy-hitter.

Tom Bayer Gets the Target on His Back

Tom Bayer Gets the Target on His Back

On Saturday, there was some good fun at the expense of drag racing school instructor Tom Bayer.  The association sponsored a Tom Bayer Bounty of $5 per entry, matched by the association for $110 total.  The prize was for the person who took out Tom, or to Tom if he won the race.  And PNSCA’s own Tom Gresham took home the bounty by taking out Bayer out in Round One.

For the weekend, Rick and Gladys Dearinger sponsored prizes both Saturday and Sunday for random qualifiers.  It was taken by Greg Pessemier on Saturday with randomly chosen spot five.  On Sunday, Debra Linne took the prize with lucky spot nine.

Emmett McKillop Takes Satuday's Prize

Emmett McKillop Takes Saturday’s Prize

Twelve racers made up the fields on both Saturday and Sunday, with a mix of the usual PNSCA suspects and a sprinkling of newcomers.

Saturday’s event was won by Emmett McKillop who beat Tom Gresham in the Finals.  Randy Beck made the semifinals.

Sunday’s Winner was Dale Hrenko who beat PNSCA newcomer Leslie Matskado to take the win.  Tom Gresham was the semifinalist.

Congratulations to all the racers!

Sunday's Lineup, Matskado (left), Hrenko (right) with PNSCA President Linne

Sunday’s Lineup, Matskado (left), Hrenko (right) with PNSCA President Linne

Debra Linne took a number of photos, please be sure to take a look at them all in our Photos section, here.

The next PNSCA race is September 7-8 at Pacific Raceways, hope to see everyone there.

The race at Pacific will be followed promptly by the season finale at Woodburn the 14-15th.

Chuck and Diana Linne will again be hosting a Saturday night barbeque at Woodburn, something everyone’s diet is looking forward to.

Hope to see you all there!