May 04 2015

Message from Chuck and Diana

Welcome to a new PNSCA season and Thank you to those of you have raced the 1st 2015 double header at Bremerton; May 2nd and 3rd.

I would like to thank everyone that raced with us last year and thank all of our sponsors for 2014.

CONGRATUALATIONS to Dale Green for winning the 2014 Championship. Also congratulations on Dale’s and Lyndl’s wedding.

We have a good line up of sponsors for this 2015 season.

Regretfully, I wanted you to know that 2015 will be mine and Diana’s last year managing the association. With Diana being sick and having all the treatments that she is having, has made her very tired and weak most of the time. She does not have the energy to do all the work that she has done at the track. She has had a lot of fun working with all of us all these years. She just can’t do it anymore. I am going to be taking a few more weekends off this year. I will be looking for someone to step in and manage the 2016 season. We have had a great time with the association and have met a lot of great people.

Thank you to everyone that has helped over the years. We hope it will continue to keep going. It is a great group of people, a great association, and a lot of fun. I would personally like to thank Rick Dearinger and Chris Williams for all their help. We will see everyone at the track this year and the future.

Thanks to all and we hope to have a great year.

Chuck & Diana