Jun 21 2015

Pacific Raceways Results

The Pacific Northwest Super Comp Association held the sixth race of the 2015 season on June 20, 2015, at Pacific Raceways. Twelve racers signed up to do battle on a breezy Saturday. Emmitt McKillop, Mark Gillespie, Chuck Linne, Dale Hrenko, Tim Petitt, Tom Gresham, Mark Johnson, Randy Beck, David Thorton, Mike Seekins, Greg Pessemier, and Darral Petitt started the road to winner’s circle. Track conditions were great, thanks to the team effect of the Pacific Raceways crew.

The final was decided by .022. Tom Gresham took out Mark Johnson, Randy Beck, and Darrel Pettit to make it to the final. On the other side of the ladder, Mike Seekins defeated Greg Pessemier, Chuck Linne, and Emmitt McKillop. Tom and Mike staged up to do battle and both left with identical reaction times. They both broke out and Tom broke out .022 less than Mike. Both cars ran 170+ mph.

Our next race is July 25 at Pacific Raceways. Hope to see you there!