Jul 27 2015

July 25 Results from Pacific

Nine drivers made the trek to Pacific Raceways on July 25, 2015, in hopes the strange weather in the Northwest would allow some awesome racing. The nine were rewarded for their perseverance with a great day of racing. This was the seventh race for the Pacific Northwest Super Comp Association. The racers were: Emmett McKillop, Mark Gillespie, Dale Hrenko, Tim Petitt, Mark Johnson, Randy Beck, David Thorton, Dale Green, and Darral Petitt started the road to winner’s circle.

Track conditions were great, thanks to the team effect of the Pacific Raceways crew.

Darral Petitt was the low qualifier. Dale Hrenko knocked out Dale Green and Tim Petitt on his way to the final round. He had the bye in the semifinal. Mark Johnson zapped Randy Beck, Darral Petitt, and Emmett McKillop to make it to the final. Dale ran a slower 8.904 to Mark’s 8.901 to win, via the .013 light.

Our next race is August 15 at Pacific Raceways.