Aug 30 2015

Woodburn Race Postponed

The final race of the season. Excitement was in the air. Super Comp racers headed to Woodburn Dragstrip on Friday, August 28 to do battle for the championship. But Mother Nature had a different idea. The five racers, Dale Green, Tom Gresham, Dale Hrenko, Greg Pessemier, and Dennis Boley, woke on Saturday to a very weird Woodburn day. The wind was blowing straight down the track at 20+ mph with gusts to 40. It had rained and it rained off and on until the race was cancelled for Saturday.

The five racers got together and decided to run a double header on Sunday. Then hamburgers and hot dogs were grilled and racers and significant others sat around and gabbed for hours. Sunday would be a new great day. Except it wasn’t. The fearsome five woke up to rain, rain, and then some more rain. At least the wind had gone away.

So the race day was cancelled. Because of the importance of the points, a tie for first place, the five racers agreed to come back to Woodburn on September 26 and 27 and hold the races. It was agreed by the five; which included the President (me), the Board Advisor (Dale Hrenko), and the Vice President (Mark Gillespie); that the race would be open to anyone that weekend, but the only racers who can earn points are the five who made the tow to this race. So, anyone can come race for the money and fun, but only Dale Green, Tom Gresham, Dale Hrenko, Greg Pessemier, and Dennis Boley are able to gain points.

Our final two races are September 26 and 27 at Woodburn Dragstrip. We will have a picnic at my trailer Saturday evening. Mark and I will provide the hamburgers and hot dogs. Please bring anything else you want.

I am currently planning on having the 2015 Awards Banquet January 16, 2016.

Dennis Boley

  • By Randy Beck, August 31, 2015 @ 7:31 pm

    This situation very much disappoints me. I was certain that the race would not be able to be run, so we chose not to pay for that trip. This decision will affect how and when I choose to race with the PNSCA. The rain policy at this track is terrible, they never give a full refund for what we pay to get in, and if we bring anyone else, they lose all that they spent.

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