Sep 28 2015

Dale Green wins the Championship

The final race of the season – – again. The setting – – Woodburn Dragstrip. The stakes – – year end championship.

Once again the Super Comp Association descended on Woodburn Dragstrip to do battle. Friday was kind of weird day, sunny but dark clouds in the west. Saturday morning (early) it rained, but by 9 am the sun was out and the track was ready. Six racers signed up for the event. Greg Pessemier, Dennis Boley, Dale Green, Tom Gresham, Devon Hilton, and Ross Souza. Qualifying took place and then first round. Greg Pessemier, Dale Green, and Tom Gresham got the win light first round. Greg got the bye into the final and Tom took out Dale. They had identical reaction times, but Tom ran closer – 8.946 to a 8.965 to advance to the final. Then it got dark. There were so many oil downs and other things; that we ran out of daylight. So, the plan was to do the final on Sunday. Sunday came and during the second qualifying run, Tom and Greg did battle. Tom came out on top and took the points lead. But wait, Sunday’s race was still to come. Dale had a chance.

Sunday’s race had the same six racers. Tom had a chance to lock up the season first round because he had to run Dale. But Dale managed to take Tom out with an 8.907 to an 8.892. Tom had the better light, but broke out. Bummer for Tom. Tom still had a chance to hold on to his lead. In other first round action Dennis lost to Ross and Devon lost to Greg. Dale had the bye in the Semi’s and Greg ran closer to the number to take out Ross. So, on to the final. All Dale had to do was win the race to win the championship. Tom was hoping Greg would win, I am sure. After a bunch more oil downs and stuff, the final two came to the line. The sun was setting in the west as they staged. Dale got the holeshot .019 to .034 and managed to stay ahead of Greg, running an 8.920 to an 8.910. So 2015 season came to a close. Dale Green wins it all again.

I want to take this time to thank all of our sponsors and hope to see them come back next year. Also, I want thank all the racer input and help during the year. A special thanks to Mark Gillespie for his help as the Vice President. We hope to have better things for 2016.

I am currently planning on having the 2015 Awards Banquet January 16, 2016.

Dennis Boley

  • By Sherry Barnett, September 29, 2015 @ 2:19 pm

    Congrats Dale!

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