May 25 2016

Clarifying Woodburn Results

I am writing this article to clarify the results from the race at Woodburn Dragstrip.

On Saturday Ty Anderson showed up, paid his entry fee, and then went through tech.  He made a qualifying run and later he came up and made an elimination run. Because he qualified and ran first round, he is declared the winner.  According to our points program, 86 points are awarded to the winner when the car field is 1, 2, 3, or 4.  Therefore he got 86 points for the Saturday race.

Then on Sunday the race was cancelled so he gets 11 points for being there.

Hopefully this clears up any confusion.  The payout money left over will be added to the championship payout.

Don’t forget there is a race this weekend at Renegade Raceways in Yakima, WA.  Two day race. Race sponsors are the Dalrymple Family and Access Performance.

I have t-shirts available for sale. Designs Unlimited made them and they list all the sponsors on the back.  The price is $15 a shirt, with the money going to the prize fund.

Dennis Boley