Jun 14 2016

Pacific Raceways Race Results

I forgot to mention in the last report that we obtained a new sponsor while at Renegade Raceway.  A big welcome to Nelson Family Racing out of Hayden, ID. Thank you for your support for the 2016 season.

Ok. ONo1n to race #5 sponsored by C&C Olympic Heating held at Pacific Raceway on June 11.  The day started out kind of wet.  In fact, a few people thought the race might not happen at all.  But, thanks to the crew at Pacific, we got the race done.  Due to the late start only one qualifying run was made, but I think everyone was ok with that decision.

RUpThere were nine racers in Super Comp, but only eight signed up for the Association race.

Tim Petitt got the low qualifier award from Snap On tools with an 8.955 qualifying run.  He also got the bye in first round.

Tim Petitt, Mark Gillespie, Jerry Denton, Darral Petitt, Arlyn Staiger, Ed Hauter, David Thorton, and Dale Green started out on the road to the winner’s circle.

Dale Green beat Mark Johnson, David Thorton, and then had the bye to the final round.

DWinnerarral Petitt overcame Arlyn Staiger, then beat his father Tim in the second round. He used a holeshot advantage to beat Mark Gillespie with an 8.955 to an 8.954 in the semi round.

In the final Dale Green used his starting line advantage to force Darral to break out. Green ran an 8.913 to Darral’s 8.891.

A big thank you to C&C Olympic Heating as the race sponsor.

Next race is July 2 and July 3 at Bremerton Raceway.

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