Jul 25 2016

Adventures North of the Border

Off to Canada.  I found out the hard way, do not use the commercial entry port going in to Canada.  Made it across the border and on to Mission Raceway.

Saturday morning was a little overcast, but temp was fine.  Race nine of thirteen had twelve cars to do battle.

This race was sponsored by RPM Automotive.

Race day started at 11:00 am. Our first qualifying pass was around 12:24 pm. All twelve made it down the track, even if some had some problems.  Darral Petitt, one of the last two cars, set the standard with an 8.901. He left some room for someone to oust him, but it didn’t happen. After two rounds of qualifying Darral held on to grab the #1 Qualifier Award from Snap On Tools. Going in to first round, there were four 8.90’s with change.

We had some newcomers join us for first round. Thanks to the Canadians for joining us. Darrel Petitt vs Warren Kean, Mike Shannon vs Tom Papp, Emmett McKillop vs Tim Petitt, Yeshua Wilcox vs Dennis Boley, Dave Thornton vs Dale Green, and Mike Pople vs Al Hampton were the first round pairs.

Second round found Petitt (D) vs Shannon, McKillop vs Wilcox, and Thornton vs Hampton. On to the semi’s. Petitt got the bye and Hampton survived via a red light by Wilcox.  After a bunch of funny cars ran we got to the final at 7:35 pm. Hampton vs Petitt. Hampton had the better light and turned it in to a victory with an 8.954 over an 8.944. Congrats to Al Hampton. Thanks to RPM Automotive for their sponsorship.

Next race is Saturday, July 30, at Pacific Raceways. This race is sponsored by DG Machine. Only four races left. Come join us for fun in the sun.

The T shirts by Designs Unlimited were a hit. Get yours before they are gone.  The price is $15 a shirt, with the money going to the prize fund.

Dennis Boley