Jul 05 2016

Bremerton Race Results

Fourth of July weekend, and what better way to celebrate our freedom than a drag racing event.

Race #6 found us at Bremerton Raceway. The weather was cool and overcast, but that’s ok.  Five racers came out on Saturday to do battle. This race was sponsored by Westbay Auto Parts.

After two rounds of qualifying, Dale Green sat on top with an 8.902 and received the award from Snap On Tools.

Dennis Boley, Emmett McKillop, Marc Heritage, Marion Hurst, and Dale Green were there to do battle.

Marc Heritage beat Dennis Boley, then took out #1 qualifier Dale Green to advance to the final.

Marion Hurst used a holeshot to beat Emmett McKillop, then had the bye into the final.

In the final Marc had a better .007 light to Marion’s .015 and then held on for the win.

A big thank you to Westbay Auto Parts as the race sponsor.

A BBQ was held Saturday night and fun was there.

Sunday was even darker and there was a hint of moisture, but not enough to stop the racing.  There was a delay to the start of things due to a computer glitch, but it got fixed. Race was sponsored by Peninsula Lubricants.

We only had four racers on Sunday. Dennis Boley, Dale Green, Emmett McKillop, and newcomer John Theofelis. After the first qualifying session, we decided to go into first round.  With the computer delay, and on track incident, and the iffy weather, it seemed like a good idea to get the race done.  Dale Green got the #1 qualifier award again with an 8.903.

First round found Dale against Dennis with Dennis taking the win. John overcame a bad light to take out Emmett to set up the final.  John used a steller .003 to a .012 light to take the win, 9.048 to a 9.049. Congrats to the new guy, hope you continue to race with us.

Next race is Saturday, July 9, at Pacific Raceways. This race is sponsored by Kelly’s Auto Repair and Jim & Cheryl Morris.

The T shirts by Designs Unlimited were a hit. Get yours before they are gone.  The price is $15 a shirt, with the money going to the prize fund.

Dennis Boley