Aug 01 2016

Pacific Raceways Fun

Race ten held at Pacific Raceways.  Sponsored by DG Machine. Nice day in July. Not too hot, not too cold.

Darral Petitt came out with another stellar qualifying pass at 8.903.  It held up for Darral to grab the #1 Qualifier Award from Snap On Tools, again. Seventeen racers were there for the Super Saturday race, but only 11 signed up for the Association race.

Darral Petitt, Tim Petitt, Mark Johnson, Randy Beck, Mark Gillespie, Marion Hurst, Dale Green, Marc Heritage, Arlyn Staiger, John Theofelis, and Emmett McKillop were the eleven fighting for the valuable points and the big checks.

Darral got the bye first round and Beck, Hurst, T Petitt, Gillespie, Green, Johnson, and McKillop also advanced to round two.

Petitt (D) lost to Colletti, who had not signed up with us, Hurst overcame Beck, Petitt (T) had the bye, Green edged out Gillespie with a holeshot (8.957 to 8.950), and McKillop got a competition single over Johnson.

In round three, Colletti holeshot Hurst, Green forced Petitt (T) to break out, and McKillop got the bye.

On to the semi’s. Colletti got the bye and Green nipped McKillop in a double break out, 8.897 to 8.895.

In the final Green showed his stuff and beat Colletti. Congrats to Dale Green. Thanks to DG Machine for their sponsorship.

Next race is Saturday, August 13, at Pacific Raceways. This race is sponsored by Parker Race Shoppe. Only three races left. Come join us for fun in the sun.

The T shirts by Designs Unlimited were a hit. Get yours before they are gone.  The price is $15 a shirt, with the money going to the prize fund.

Dennis Boley