May 23 2017

First Race of the Year at Woodburn

Winter came last October and stayed and stayed and stayed and stayed. Just when we thought things looked bleakest the sun popped out at Woodburn Dragstrip. Super Comp racers from the Northwest gathered for the first race of the 2017 season. The race was sponsored by Delta Camshaft.

Ty Anderson, Darral Petitt, Arlyn Staiger, Dale Green, Emmett McKillop, Tony Arthur, Josh Schmanke, Andy Morris, David Thornton, Tom Bachand, Mark Johnson, Mark Gillespie, and John Theofelis were the thirteen who showed up to race.

Josh Schmanke was #1 with an 8.904. Snap On tools provided the #1 Qualifier Award.

Round one – Morris had a holeshot win over Gillespie, Johnson beat McKillop in a double breakout, Petitt beat Thorton, Bachand had a win over a broken Theofelis, Arthur was closer with than Staiger, Green was the winner when Anderson went red, and Schmanke had the bye.

Round two had Morris with a holeshot win over Schmanke, Petitt and Arthur had identical reaction times, but Petitt was closer the index, Johnson had a competition single over the no show of Bachand, and Green had the bye.

In the semi’s Morris used a .004 reaction time to force Petitt to break out, and Green used a .008 to force Johnson to break out. Green was still in Super Pro, but he had the bye in that quarter final, so we got set to do the final. Green had the better light, but took too much stripe and broke out with an 8.896 to Morris’s winning 8.903. Thanks to Delta Camshaft for their sponsorship. Congrats to Andy Morris.

Sunday – a new day, a new race. The same thirteen racers geared up for battle. Due to car count, there was only one qualifying run.

The air must have been better, because 6 racers broke out during qualifying. That left Mark Johnson as the number one guy with an 8.922. Thanks to Snap On tools for the #1 Qualifier prize.

Round one started. Gillespie let Anderson get around him at top end. Morris was a no show, giving the win to Theofelis, Petitt fouled against Arthur, Johnson had the bye. Schmanke wasted a .000 light to let Thornton have the win. Staiger broke out against McKillop and Green bested Bachand by breaking out less.

In round two Johnson red light against Theofelis, McKillop fell to Green’s perfect 8.900, Thornton broke giving Anderson the win and Arthur had the bye.

Semi final time. Green used a holeshot to beat Arthur and Anderson was a little late to give Theofelis the win.

In the final, it was a double breakout race. Theofelis with an 8.883 to Green’s 8.873. Congratulations to John Theofelis and a big thank you to Stroh’s Automotive for the race sponsorship.

Our next race is May 27/28 at Renegade Raceway.

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Dennis Boley