Jun 12 2017

Pacific Results

Time for the Super Comp Association to invade Pacific Raceways in Kent for the fifth race of the year.  The race was sponsored by C&C Olympic Heating. Two intense rounds of qualifying.  Thirteen racers tried, but Arlyn Staiger got the 8.901 first to be #1.  Snap On tools provided the #1 Qualifier Award.

Arlyn Staiger, Dale Green, Darral Petitt, David Thornton, Emmett McKillop, Josh Schmanke, Mark Gillespie, Greg Pessemier, Mark Johnson, Tony Arthur, Ty Anderson, and John Theofelis bought in to the Association race.

The racers were called to the lanes for round one. They all showed up and Staiger was in front ready for his bye run.  Alas, that pesky bad luck stuff happened and he could not get the car to start. Bad Deal for Arlyn. Pessemier had Green, a repeat from Yakima and Pessemier prevailed again due to Green turning on the red lite. McKillop had an exciting race against Arthur, with McKillop on top, 8.910 to 8.917.  Anderson had a great lite against Petitt, then slowed to allow Petitt to turn on the win lite. Wilcox won against Thornton. Schmanke was closer than Gillespie on a double breakout – 8.897 to 8.852. And Theofelis won when Johnson was a no show.

Round two started with Schmanke using a .009 to force Pessemier to break out. Petitt had the bye. Then McKillop had a single due to Staiger not making first round. Wilcox beat Theofelis.

In the semi’s, Pettit beat a red lite from Wilcox.  Then McKillop used a huge holeshot to beat Schmanke.

The final.  McKillop against Petitt. McKillop had a .025 lite to Petitt’s .019. At the finish line, McKillop with a 8.902 to the 8.910 of Petitt.  McKillop with the win. Thanks to C&C Olympic Heating for their sponsorship. Congrats to Emmett McKillop.

Our next race is July 1 & 2 at Bremerton Raceway.  A BBQ Saturday evening, we provide hot dogs and hamburgers and you bring a side dish.

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