Jun 07 2017

Report from Renegade

The Super Comp Association moved to Renegade Raceway in Yakima for the third race of the year.  The race was sponsored by the Dalrymple Family.  Dale Green was #1.  Snap On tools provided the #1 Qualifier Award.

Dale Green, David Thornton, Tom Bachand, Mark Gillespie, Greg Pessemier, Chuck Linne, Michael Dalrymple, and John Theofelis were there for the Saturday race.  I do not have a lot of data, as I was not able to attend the event.

In round one, Pessemier had a holeshot win over Green, Thornton forced Bachand to break out, Theofelis was closer to index than Linne, and Dalrymple beat Gillespie.

In the semi’s, Thornton beat Pessemier and Theofelis beat Dalrymple.

Thornton beat Theofelis in the final. Thanks to the Dalrymple Family for their sponsorship. Congrats to Dave Thornton.

Sunday was a new day. The race was sponsored by Access Performance.  We had nine racers. Forest Fincher joined the group.  Greg Pessemier was the number one guy. Thanks to Snap On tools for the #1 Qualifier prize.

Round one started. Pessemier had the bye, Gillespie beat Thornton, Dalrymple got around Bachand, Theofelis beat Green and Linne lost to Fincher.

Five left in round two. Gillespie found the win light over Pessemier, Dalrymple had the bye and Fincher beat Theofelis.

Semi finals found three.  Fincher had the bye and Dalrymple got by Gillespie.

In the final Dalrymple beat Fincher. Congratulations to Michael Dalrymple and a big thank you to Access Performance for the race sponsorship.

Our next race is June 10 at Pacific Raceway.  Remember this is a Super Saturday at Pacific Raceways. A chance to win twice in one race.

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