Jul 07 2017

Bremerton Results

It was the weekend before July 4.  The Super Comp Association invaded Bremerton Raceway for a doubleheader.  Everyone got set up and got ready to race on Saturday.  The foot brake class was called to the lanes and they started running. But, there was a computer glitch and so time trials were stopped.  The track worked very hard, but by 4 pm the timing system was still on the blitz.  At about 5 pm the track thought they had it fixed, but the Association decided to not run until Sunday.  The track ran a test and turn the rest of the evening while the Super Comp and Super Street racers enjoyed a wonderful meal at the Petitt pits.

The first race on Sunday was sponsored by Westbay NAPA Auto Parts.  Two rounds of qualifying found Pat Jacobsen #1 with an 8.906.  Snap On tools provided the #1 Qualifier Award.

Dale Green, David Thornton, Greg Pessemier, Chuck Linne, Darral Petitt, Dave Secondi, Greg Linne, Josh Schmanke, Tony Arthur, Emmett McKillop, Mark Gillespie, Pat Jacobsen, and John Theofelis were there.

Round one started about noon or so. Petitt won over a red light by Secondi, G Linne used a .004 light to force Schmanke to break out.  Green used a .000 to beat a quicker Arthur. Gillespie was closed than C Linne in a double breakout, McKillop won when Thornton turned on the red bulb, Theofelis beat Pessemier and Jacobsen had the bye.

Round two started with Gillespie running closer to 8.90 than Green for the win. Jacobsen used a better light and ran closer to beat G Linne, McKillop won against Petitt’s red light and Theofelis had the bye.

Four cars in the semifinals, McKillop used a .003 to beat Jacobsen and Gillespie forced Theofelis to break out.

Final round time.  Both lights were close, .031 to .035, McKillop ran 8.910 to Gillespie’s 8.916 to take the win light.

Thanks to Westbay NAPA Auto Parts for their sponsorship. Congrats to Emmett McKillop.

After a short break, the same thirteen racers got one qualifying pass. This race was sponsored by Cloise & Mike Construction.  Dale Green went 8.908 to claim the number one spot. Thanks to Snap On tools for the #1 Qualifier prize.

Round one started with Arthur using a hole shot to beat C Linne, G Linne won when Jacobsen rolled the beams. Schmanke and Gillespie had identical .042 lights, but Schmanke ran closer to take the win.  McKillop started his march to the final by beating Secondi, Petitt beat a slowing Theofelis and Green had the bye.

G Linne had the bye in round two. McKillop used a better light to force Petitt to break out, Schmanke and Pessemier both broke out, but Schmanke was closer for the win. Green had a .004 to beat Arthur’s red light.

In the Semi-finals, McKillop beat G Linne and Green was better than Schmanke.

The finals.  McKillop in his second final of the day and Green who was trying to stop a double up.  Both cars staged, both cars left, McKillop ran 8.901 to take the win. Congratulations to Emmett McKillop for the double win and a big thank you to Cloise & Mike Construction for the race sponsorship.

Our next race is July 8 at Pacific Raceway.  Remember this is a Super Saturday at Pacific Raceways. A chance to win twice in one race.

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