Jul 24 2017

Mission Results

Super Comp racers made the scenic drive to Mission Raceway for the ninth race of 2017. Some of us had a little trouble at the border, but all in all it was a nice drive. RPM Automotive was the race sponsor.

Saturday started out wet. Eight racers sat around until about 2 pm for qualifying. After we finally got started, we did get two rounds of qualifying done. Dale Green hit the #1 spot with an 8.907. Snap On tools provided the #1 Qualifier Award.


Dale Green, Darral Petitt, Josh Schmanke, Emmett McKillop, Mark Gillespie, Tom Bachand, Al Hampton, and Mike Shannon were eight racers to do battle.

First round started around 7pm. Petitt used a hole shot and ran closer to beat Hampton. Gillespie ran closer to the 8.90 to get around Bachand. Shannon used a stellar .003 to knock out McKillop and Green went 8.954 to Schmanke’s 8.959 to get the win light.

Round two was a couple of hours later. Gillespie used a hole shot to beat Petitt, 8.934 to 8.921. In the other half of the semi’s, Shannon went .000 to beat Green.

The final was around 10:15 pm. Shannon and Gillespie. Once again, the final round blues bit Gillespie. Shannon had a much better light to force Gillespie to break out.

Thanks to RPM Automotive for their sponsorship. Congrats to Mike Shannon.

Our next race is July 29 at Pacific Raceways. Super Saturday time at the track. Race is sponsored by DG Machine.

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