Aug 15 2017

Pacific Raceway Results

The week after the Northwest Nationals. Pacific Raceways hosted race eleven for the Northwest Super Comp Association.  The weather cooled down to around 70 and there was some overcast in the skies. Thirteen racers showed up for the Super Saturday and eleven bought into the PNSCA race. Parker’s Race Shoppe was the event sponsor.

Qualifying started around 1 pm. Darral Petitt was the #1 qualifier. Snap On tools provided the #1 Qualifier Award.

Darral Petitt, Emmett McKillop, Mark Gillespie, Arlyn Staiger, Greg Pessemier, Tony Arthur, Greg Linne, John Theofelis, Ed Hauter, Joe Kapler, and Chuck Linne paid the association entry fee.

Round one started with McMasters, who was not entered in our race, forcing Staiger to break out. Kapler used a triple zero reaction time to stay ahead of Hauter, Arthur got around G Linne, when Linne broke out by .008. Pessemier also used a triple zero reaction time to force Cavar to break out. McKillop holeshot Gillespie to take the win light, C Linne won when Theofelis broke and Petitt got the bye run.

Round two started with McMasters forcing Kapler to break out. C Linne had the bye. McKillop advanced over Arthur via a holeshot and Petitt won when Pessemier turned on the red light.

Semifinal round. McMasters and C Linne paired off first. McMasters had an .027 to Linne’s .029 and on a double break out, McMasters was closer with an 8.891 to an 8.875. Then Petitt and McKillop squared off. Petitt with a .007 and McKillop .009. Double break out, Petitt 8.881 to McKillop 8.865. What a pair of races!!!!

Finally, it was the final round. Petitt took home the money and win when McMasters turned on the red light.

Thanks to Parker’s Race Shoppe for their sponsorship. Congratulations Tim Petitt.

It now down to two races in the 2017 season. We will be traveling to Woodburn Dragstrip September 23 and 24.  Our race is the week after the LODRS at Woodburn.  If you attend that race, you can leave your trailer on the property. Remember it is $50 a day at the gate and then only $35 a day to the Association.

Designs Unlimited came with a new design for the T-shirts. Get yours before they are gone.  The price is $15 a shirt, with the money going to the prize fund.