Sep 30 2017

Season Ends in Woodburn

Six weeks have passed since the last PNSCA race happened at Pacific Raceways, but the battle for the championship was far from over. Emmett McKillop was on top, but there were a couple of racers who could unseat him.  So, we went to Woodburn Dragstrip for the last two races of 2017.  Twelve racers were present. The event sponsor was Design’s Unlimited.

Arlyn Staiger, Dale Green, Darral Petitt, Emmett McKillop, Greg Pessemier, John Theofelis, Mark Gillespie, Tony Arthur, Ty Anderson, Rick Dearinger, Rod Lee, and newcomer (to Super Comp) Diane Petitt were the racers who signed up to race.

After two rounds of qualifying, Diane Petitt was the #1 qualifier with an 8.903. Snap On tools provided the #1 Qualifier Award.

Peninsula Lubricants put a $100 bonus for the best package of the day. That was won by Dale Green in round two. Thanks Rick for the extra bonus.

Round one. Darral Petitt beat a slowing Diane Petitt. Green got a competition single when McKillop was a no-show. Staiger won when Anderson turned on the red light, Gillespie forced Pessemier to break out. Arthur won when Lee fouled out and Theofelis beat Dearinger.

Round two found Arthur beating Gillespie on a holeshot, Green put up a .013 light with an 8.900 to force Petitt to break out, and Staiger got a holeshot on Theofelis and forced him to break out.

In the semifinals, Green had the bye and Staiger beat Arthur on a double breakout race.

In the final, Green needed a win to have a chance to catch McKillop for the Championship. He did just that in a double breakout race against Staiger. Green – 8.893 to Staiger – 8.890.

Thanks to Design’s Unlimited for their sponsorship. Way to go Dale Green

The Championship battle was heating up.

On to Sunday and the final race. This race was sponsored by Pessemier’s Racing Powerglides. McKillop hurt his car on Saturday and could do nothing but sit and wait.

Only nine racers signed up for the race. Arlyn Staiger, Dale Green, Darral Petitt, Greg Pessemier, John Theofelis, Mark Gillespie, Tony Arthur, Ty Anderson, and Rod Lee.

After two rounds of qualifying, Ty Anderson was on top with an 8.906. Snap On tools provided the #1 Qualifier Award.

The only person who could catch McKillop for the Championship was Dale Green. In round one Green put a .000 light on Staiger. But Staiger had already turned on the red light, so the race went to Green. Arthur used a holeshot to beat Theofelis, Petitt used a holeshot to beat Gillespie and Anderson had the bye.  Pessemier was supposed to race Lee, but Lee hurt his car in qualifying and was a no-show.

Five cars left in round two. Anderson used a better light to outlast Arthur, and Petitt killed Green’s shot at a fourth championship by cutting a better light and forcing Green to break out.  Pessemier had the bye.

Semifinal time. Pessemier got to the final by using a .010 reaction time and an 8.918 to beat Anderson and Petitt had the bye.

Final round of the 2017 season. The championship had been decided, but who gets the last competition trophy. In a double breakout race, Pessemier wins with an.8.889 over Petitt’s 8.869. Congratulations to Greg Pessemier and thanks to Pessemier’s Racing Powerglides for the race sponsorship.

Emmett McKillop is the 2017 Season Champion. With Dale Green in second and Darral Petitt in third.

The awards banquet will be January 20, 2018 at the Shilo Inn in Tacoma. Plan on having a good time.

Thanks to everyone for a great year. Hope to see you at the races in 2018.