May 28 2018

Racing at Renegade

Memorial Day 2018. Take a moment to reflect on the freedoms we have and the sacrifices men and women have made to give us those freedoms. . . . . . . . . . 

Ok, now let us back up a couple of days to Saturday, May 26. The location is Renegade Raceway in Wapato, WA.  Fifteen of the brightest showed up to race the 1/8 at Renegade. This is race 3 for the Super Comp Association.  The event sponsor was the Dalrymple Family.

Darral Petitt, Diane Petitt, Josh Schmanke, John Theofelis, Mark Gillespie, Tony Arthur, Dave Thornton, Tom Bachand, Brent McKinney, Shawn Fricke, Mark Johnson, Dave Secondi, Ty Anderson, Benji Martin, and Jakson Gradin were the racers who signed up to race.

The qualifying for the event started at 1 pm. We had two rounds of qualifying and Jakson Gradin ran a stellar 5.701 to garner the #1 qualifier spot. Snap On tools provided the #1 Qualifier Award.

Renegade is known fo

r running well into the night and this Saturday was no exception. Round one started about 7 pm or so, I lost track.  Gillespie forced Diane Petitt to break out, Darral Petitt used a holeshot to beat Fricke, McKinney won when Secondi went too quick.  Theofelis forced Bachand to break out, Arthur won when Johnson broke on the starting line, Thornton had the better reaction and beat Anderson, Schmanke won when Martin broke out, and Gradin the bye.

Sometime later round two started. Petitt won when Gillespie could not leave the starting line. Arthur used a great light to beat Thornton, Gradin got around McKinney and Theofelis ran closer and beat Schmanke.

Then it got darker and later and we started the semis.  Arthur beat Gradin in a double break out affair and Petitt out ran Theofelis to set up the final.

Around midnight or later, once again I lost track of time (see the Super Street story at Petitt and Arthur staged up and turned on the stage lights. Petitt left first, got there first, and ran 5.700 on the 5.70 dial to take the win.

Darral does it again.  Thanks to the Dalrymple Family for the race. There was no BBQ mostly because it was 1230 in the morning and bedtime was calling.


After about 5 hours of sleep, Sunday arrived. This race was sponsored by Access Performance. The track opted to only have one qualifying pass for all classes due to the huge car count.


We had twelve racers this time. Dave Thornton had a small issue while running Super Pro and damaged his car. Not too bad, he will return. Darral Petitt, Diane Petitt, John Theofelis, Mark Gillespie, 

Tony Arthur, Tom Bachand, Brent McKinney, Mark Johnson, Dave Secondi, Ty Anderson, Benji Martin, and Jakson Gradin paid to race.

John Theofelis was top qualifier with a 5.704. Snap On tools provided the #1 Qualifier Award.

Round one started about 12:30 pm. Gillespie won when McKinney broke out. Bachand outlasted Secondi for the win. Gradin used a holeshot to beat Arthur. Darral Petitt beat Johnson in a double break out. Martin won when Diane Petitt turned on the red eye. Theofelis won when Anderson also turned on the red eye.


In round two, Petitt won when Gillespie could not leave the starting line. Bachand red lit against Martin, and Theofelis won when Gradin red lit.

Semifinal time. Theofelis had the bye into the final and Petitt used a holeshot over Martin.

Ok, I think it is starting to look like Petitt is the man to beat. We have had four races and he has been in all four finals. Maybe I will post a bounty for the next race.

Let’s move on to the final. Petitt against Theofelis. Now Theofelis’ son, Ian, had just won in his junior dragster, so there no pressure for John to step and make the winner’s circle. Unfortunately, that did not happen. Petitt had a better light and forced Theofelis to break out. So, Petitt is four for four finals, with two wins and two runner-ups. Not a bad start to the season. Nice double Darral Petitt and thanks to Access Performance for the race sponsorship.

Next race is Pacific Raceways June 9.