Jul 31 2018

Hot Racing at Pacific

We now move to Pacific Raceways for number 10 of the race series. The last time we were here, it rained and rained and rained and the race was cancelled. Not this time, the weather was hot and the racing hotter.  We added the rainout sponsor money to the existing sponsor and had a huge payout available.

It was a Super Saturday at Pacific and eighteen racers showed for the Super race. Only seventeen bought in to our event. Arlyn Staiger, Chuck Linne, Darral Petitt, Derek McMasters, Greg Linne, Greg Pessemier, John Theofelis, Joe Kapler, Steve Radunovich, Kyle Colletti, Tony Arthur, Tom Bachand, Diane Petitt, Emmett McKillop, Dale Green, Mark Loftus, and Mark Gillespie. After two qualifying passes, Mark Gillespie had the number again, 8.901. Mark gets another award from Snap-On Tools. Thanks to Snap-On Tools for the prize.

The race sponsors were C&C Olympic Heating, Kelly’s Auto Repair, and DG Machine.

Let us move to round one. Pessemier used a .000 light for force G Linne to break out more. McKillop won when Bachand red lit. Diane used an 8.900 to get around Green. Gillespie forced Theofelis to break out. Radunovich won over Colletti on a double breakout race. Darral used a much better light to force Kapler to break out. Loftus was closed than Staiger on another double break out race. Arthur overcame a bad light to beat C Linne, double break out again. McMasters got a competition single when Poppleton (not signed up in our race) was a no show.

Round two found Gillespie with the bye. McKillop went .003 to stay ahead of a breaking out Arthur. McMasters went 8.905 to force Pessemier to break out. Darral won a close one with Radunovich, 8.889 to 8.885. And Loftus won when Diane when 8.850 to his 8.882.

Moving things along, we got to round three. Darral won when Gillespie went way red. McKillop went 8.904 to Loftus’s 8.890. And McMasters had the bye.

In the semi final round, McMasters used a holeshot to stay ahead of Darral and McKillop had the bye.

When we got to the final, the sun was doing its normal thing and blinding the racer in the left lane. So, we waited for the sun to drop behind the trees. McKillop was a little bit slower off the line than McMasters and broke out trying to catch him. Derek McMasters is the winner.  Congratulations and thanks to the three sponsors, C&C Olympic Heating, Kelly’s Auto Repair, and DG Machine

Our next race is August 25 at Pacific Raceways. Only three races left in the season!