Jul 24 2018

Mission Raceway Results

Well, where to start. On the one hand, I have to say, I do not enjoy trying to get in to Canada anymore. Yes, once again I had to park the trailer and step inside the border crossing, wait fifteen minutes, and then be told you are free to go. No explanation, no nothing.  Oh well we did get to the track.

Mission Raceway, no bugs on this trip, I think I am glad I did not go to the Division race earlier this year.  On Saturday we had nine racers sign up for our race. Darral Petitt, Josh Schmanke, Tony Arthur, Tom Bachand, Diane Petitt, Emmett McKillop, Dale Green, Mark Loftus, and Mark Gillespie. We got three qualifying passes and Mark Gillespie set the number to beat on the first qualifying pass with an 8.902. No one could get around him, so Mark got the award from Snap Op Tools. Thanks to Snap-On Tools for the prize.

The race sponsor was JA Morris Construction.

First round started about four thirty. Darral used a slightly better light to force Schmanke to break out, Arthur ran closer than Bachand on a double break out race. Diane won when McKillop turned on the red bulb, by .001. Green used a holeshot to force Loftus to break out, and Gillespie got the bye.

Second round found Diane against Gillespie, with Diane having the better light and the better run for the win. Green won when Arthur went too quick and Darral had the bye.

In the semi’s, it was mom and son racing. Mom showed her son how to drag race by having a better light and an 8.906 run to force her son to break out. It was a great race. Then Green, who had the bye, decided to show us all how to do the Super Comp thing, by having a .000 light and running an 8.900.  Myself, I think he should have saved that run for the final.

So, it was final time Diane against Dale. We got called to the lanes, but then had to wait for the sun to get behind the trees. Finally, it was time to race. Diane had a better light and ran closer to take her first Super Comp win. Congratulations to Diane for her first SC win and thanks to JA Morris Construction for the sponsorship. SC racer Tom Papp sponsored a best losing package award for this race and congratulation to Mark Gillespie who won it by losing better than all the others who lost.

Hamburgers and all the fixings were put on Saturday night at the Boley trailer and a good bull session was had the racers.

Sunday morning, we started earlier and there was not as many classes to run. We got one more qualifying session and people tried to get around Gillespie for that #1 spot but couldn’t do it. So, Gillespie was on top of the pile again. Thanks to Snap On Tools for the #1 Qualifier Award.

We added one racer to the mix on Sunday.   Bill Leong, Darral Petitt, Josh Schmanke, Tony Arthur, Tom Bachand, Diane Petitt, Emmett McKillop, Dale Green, Mark Loftus, and Mark Gillespie were the ten who paid for our race.

Race sponsor this day was RPM Automotive.

Things started with Green getting close to the perfect run over Schmanke. Green had a .004 light and went 8.900. Gillespie had a worse light than Leong, but ran closer to take the win, McKillop beat Bachand by using a better light. Arthur holeshot Loftus for the win and Darral paid back his mother by beating her in the opening round.

Arthur won when McKillop red lit, Gillespie had the bye, and Darral moved to the semi’s when Green turned on the red light.

Gillespie got to the final by using a better light to force Darral to break out, and Arthur had the bye.

Final round time. Arthur and Gillespie. Arthur went .025 – 8.891. Gillespie went .036 – 8.890, what a race. Arthur wins and moves closer to the top in the points.  Way to go Tony Arthur, thanks to Mike Shannon at RPM Automotive for the sponsorship.

Our next race is July 28 Pacific Raceways. Only four races left in the season, come get your points!