Aug 27 2018

Super Saturday at Pacific

Race number 11, Pacific Raceways, August, cloudy, drizzle, smokey, and a bunch of racers. What could be better. Well, no rain would be better, but we got it done.

Fourteen racers bought in for the Super Saturday and all fourteen paid for the Association race.  It sure makes it easier when it comes to payout time. Arlyn Staiger, Darral Petitt, Derek McMasters, Greg Pessemier, John Theofelis, Joe Kapler, John Collecchi, Tony Arthur, Diane Petitt, Emmett McKillop, Dale Green, Dave Secondi, Dave Thornton, and Mark Gillespie paid their money. After two qualifying attempts and some rain, Darral Petitt was number 1 with an 8.904. Darral gets the award from Snap-On Tools. Thanks to Snap-On Tools for the prize.

The race sponsor was Parker Race Shoppe.

More delay and finally round one. McKillop nails the tree and forces Thornton to a massive break out. Gillespie get a single due to Diane Petitt having engine trouble. Green gets by Pessemier in a double break out affair. Kapler wins when Secondi breaks on the starting line. Arthur trees Staiger and forces him to break out. Darral Petitt wins when Collecchi turns on the red light and McMasters advances over Theofelis in another double break out race.

In round two, McMasters has a stellar .001 light and forces Arthur to break out. Green is a little better on the tree and Kapler breaks out, McKillop wins when Gillespie forget to let go of the button and breaks out 

trying to catch him and Darral has the bye.

Round three action has McMasters with a slight holeshot advantage over Petitt and taking the win light. Green and McKillop match up and Green gets the win light.

In the Final, Green wins when McMasters breaks out.

Congratulations to Dale Green and thanks to the, Parkers Race Shoppe.

Our next race is September 22 and 23 at Woodburn Dragstrip. Remember you can leave your trailer there if you are attending the LODRS the week prior. Only two races left in the season!

Saturday night we will be having chili dogs at my trailer.