Sep 27 2018

Season Finale at Woodburn

It has been a few weeks since the race at Pacific Raceways. Only two more for the 2018 season. We travel to Woodburn Dragstrip and on Friday the weather was overcast and dry. Woke up Saturday morning to a rain shower.

Thirteen Super Comp racers braved the weather and bought tech cards. Darral Petitt, John Theofelis, Tony Arthur, Diane Petitt, Emmett McKillop, Dale Green, Dave Secondi, Dave Thornton, Chuck Linne, Mark Loftis, Casey DePeel, Ty Anderson, and Steve Laskowske were entered. Due to the rain in the morning, the track did not get started with time runs until about 10:15. We made one qualifying run at 12:30. Due to weather and car count, we only got on attempt. Ty Anderson was #1 with an 8.919. Ty gets the award from Snap-On Tools and the first-round bye. Thanks to Snap-On Tools for the prize.

The race sponsor was Design’s Unlimited.

I think round one started about 4:00 pm. McKillop beats a slowing Linne, Darral P wins when Thornton breaks out. Secondi has a .000 light but takes too much stripe and breaks out more against Green. Loftis uses a much better light to force Arthur to break out. Diane P wins when Theofelis goes red by .007. DePeel uses a better light to beat Laskowske in a double break out race and Anderson gets the bye.

Some more delay and round two begins. Darral runs closer to the index and beats McKillop. Anderson wins when Diane goes red. DePeel forces Loftis to break out and Green has the bye.

Semi final time. The sun is setting in the west and Anderson wins over Darral in a double break out race. Then on the other side of the ladder, Green beats DePeel in another double break out race. The final will be held Sunday during the qualifying session.

Sunday morning and lots of fog and it was cold. Due to track conditions, our qualifying session was late, as was the final from Saturday. Finally, Anderson and Green staged up. Anderson was .008, Green was .004. Anderson went 8.920, Green went 8.928. Margin of victory for Anderson was .004. Congratulations to Ty and thanks to Designs Unlimited for the race sponsorship.

Ross Souza donated $100 for the Best Losing package and that award went to Dale Green in the final.

Now the points race tightened up. Because Arthur went out first round, he could not catch Pettit for first place. But, the 2 through 6 places were up for grabs.

We had one more person sign up for Sunday’s race. Nick Shephard, Darral Petitt, John Theofelis, Tony Arthur, Diane Petitt, Emmett McKillop, Dale Green, Dave Secondi, Dave Thornton, Chuck Linne, Mark Loftis, Casey DePeel, Ty Anderson, and Steve Laskowske paid to race. Only one qualifying session and this time Tony Arthur came out on top with an 8.901. Thanks again to Snap-On Tools for the #1 Qualifying award. The race sponsor is Pessemier’s Racing Transmission.

First round found Darral overcoming Laskowske in a close one – 8.911 to 8.918. Anderson beat Theofelis in a double break out affair. Arthur used a better light to force Green farther under the index. Thornton ran closer than Linne for the win, Loftis won when Shephard red lit. McKillip went 8.900 to force DePeel to an 8.898 run and Diane won when Secondi could not make the call.

In round two, McKillop used a .009 light to force Diane to break out. Anderson won when Darral went red. Loftis beat Thornton in a double break out race, and Arthur got the single.

The semi final found Arthur and Loftis against each other. Loftis could not make the call and Arthur moves to the final. McKillop got the other side of the final when Anderson went red.

This race will decide the second and third place in the championship. Arthur has a great .002 light, and both racers break out. Arthur 8.889, McKillop 8.884. Pretty damn good race. Congrats to Tony Arthur for the win. Thanks to Pessemier’s Racing Transmission for the race sponsor.

Also, note the on both days, the #1 qualifier was the winner. Pretty cool if you ask me.

The banquet will probably be January 26th. I am not sure of the location yet, but it will be in Tacoma.