May 28 2019

Renegade Racing

Ok, third weekend in row for Super Comp racing. On the weekend set aside for remembering those who have given their life, so we can do what we do. I want to take a moment and reflect on the reason for the long weekend.

We move the venue to Renegade Raceway for race 6 and 7 on our schedule. We had seventeen racers sign up on Saturday.

Darrel Petitt, Diane Petitt, Dale Green, Mark Loftis, Dennis Boley, Mark Gillespie, Tom Bachand, Dave Secondi, Dave Thornton, Emmett McKillop, John Collecchi, John Theofelis, Tony Arthur, Ty Anderson, Jakson Gradin, Nick Shephard, and Dale Poppleton were present.

Qualifying was completed and Emmett McKillop was on top with a stellar 5.704. Thanks to Snap-On Tools for the award. The Dalrymple Family was the race sponsor.

Let’s go racing. Round one started with Diane Petitt on a competition single when Gillespie could make the call. Secondi used a better reaction time to take out Gradin on a double break out. Arthur beat Thornton on another double break out race. Darral Petitt used a .003 to take out Loftis, Anderson won when Boley ran too quick. Green won when Theofelis turned on the red eye, and Bachand won when Collecchi also had a red light start. Shepherd had a better light than Poppleton and forced him to break out and McKillop had the bye.

In round two, Diane Petitt moved forward over Arthur using a .009 light and a 5.705 run. McKillop hole shot Anderson for the win, Secondi ran closer to the index to beat Shepherd, Darral Petitt beat Bachand 5.693 to a 5.691 affair. And Green had the bye.

In round three, Diane Petitt beat the #1 qualifier, McKillop, using a better light, which forced McKillop to break out. Darral Petitt also had a better light than Green and won the round. Secondi had the bye.

The semi finals found Secondi using a holeshot to take out Darral and Diane had the bye in to the final.

The final round was held at about 12:45 am. Diane had the better light and forced Secondi to break out.

Congratulations to Diane Petitt and thanks to the Dalrymple Family for the race sponsorship.

Dale Green posted an award for the Best Losing Package, which was won by Ty Anderson.

Sunday’s race was sponsored by Access Performance. The day started out very wet. Fourteen racers stayed to brave the weather and see if we could race. Darrel Petitt, Diane Petitt, Dale Green, Mark Loftis, Dennis Boley, Mark Gillespie, Dave Secondi, Dave Thornton, Emmett McKillop, John Collecchi, John Theofelis, Tony Arthur, Jakson Gradin, and Nick Shephard hung around. Due to the late start, the track decided it would give one qualifying round and all classes would run 1/8 mile.

Tony Arthur ended up being the #1 qualifier and received the award from Snap-On Tools.

Round one got underway with McKillop winning when Shepard turned on the red light. Diane had a better light than Gradin and ran closer to the index for the win. Gillespie got his car figured out and won when Thornton broke out. Secondi beat Arthur by running a 5.705. Green forced Loftis to break out, Darral won when Theofelis went .007 red and Boley got the win when Collecchi went .004 red.

Round two found Diane against McKillip, with Diane getting the win. Darral beat Green with a .008 light and a perfect 5.700 run. Boley won when Gillespie went deep on the starting line and Secondi had the bye.

Diane won over a breaking out Secondi and Darral won when Boley also went to quick.

That set up a stellar mother/son final round. Both drivers were ready to race. After a short sprinkle they pulled into the water boxes. Both drivers turned on the red light, Diane -.008 to Darral’s -.013. So, Diane Petitt pulled off a double win weekend. Way to go, Diane. Thanks to Access Performance for the added money.

Next race is at Bremerton Raceway on June 29 and 30.