Aug 28 2019

Great Racing at Pacific

Well I missed another fine Super Comp race at Pacific Raceways on August 24. The weather was pretty good, and nineteen racers were there at the quarter mile track.  

Alexis Acuna, Chuck Linne, Dale Green, Darrel Petitt, Diane Petitt, Emmett McKillop, Greg Linne, John Collecchi, Mark Loftis, Mark Gillespie, Dave Secondi, Dave Thornton, Tony Arthur, Derek McMasters, Marion Hurst, Mark Heritage, Danny Hauter, Tory Lea, and Wade Archer decided to attack the track.

During the first qualifying session, Darrel Petitt turned in a splendid 8.905 and thought he would be good. But Diane came up and ended his joy with a stellar 8.900. That was it for the #1 spot. Thanks to Snap-On Tools for the award. The race sponsors were C&C Olympic Heating and Kelly’s Auto Repair.

Time for first round. C Linne used a .007 light to get around Secondi. McKillip used a .003 light to hammer on Loftis. Heritage won when Lea slowed a little. McMasters forced Green to break out. G Linne had a better light than Acuna and she broke out. Hauter won when Thornton broke out and Collecchi let Arthur get around him for the win. Darral was a winner when Gillespie was a no show and Diane had the bye. Archer won his race when Hurst was a no show.

Round two started with Archer running an 8.908 and forcing McMasters to break out. McKillop went 8.877, but C Linne went 8.868 McKillop moved on. Arthur found himself on a single when Hauter did not show up. Diane used a slightly better light to beat Heritage in a double break out affair. Darral and G Linne had an epic battle. Greg went .000 and then ran 8.890 to Darrel’s 8.894. Greg you needed one more whomp at the finish line.

In round three, McKillop had the bye. Diane won when Archer slowed way down. Arthur stayed just ahead of Darral for the win.

In the semi-final round, Arthur had the bye and McKillop moved to the final round when Diane missed the tree.

Final round time. McKillop and Arthur. Both nailed the tree with the same .012 light. McKillop ran closer to 8.90 and took the win light. Emmett is your winner.!!!! Thanks to the C&C Olympic Heating and Kelly’s Auto Repair for the extra moolah in the checks.

The last two races of the season are at Woodburn Dragstrip on September 21 and 22. You can leave your trailer there if you attend the LODRS race the week before.