Aug 11 2020

Pacific August Racing

Hello race fans!!!!

Another two races are complete in the 2020 season.  Super Comp racers descended on Pacific Raceways on Saturday to get those valuable points and the huge paycheck at the end of the day.

Of course, Mother Nature decided to remind us she is in charge and it was raining, but not really raining first thing in the morning. But sixteen racers were there for the one qualifying pass. Chuck Linne, Dave Secondi, Dave Thornton, Emmett McKillop, Greg Linne, Greg Pessemier, Greg Taylor, Jack Stutler, John Theofelis, Mark Gillespie, Wade Archer, Tory Lea, Ty Anderson, Garrett Colletti, Kyle Colletti, and Danny Hauter braved the weather and hung around for the DG Machine sponsored race. Wade Archer collected the #1 spot with an 8.902.

Danny Hauter had some trouble with his car and was not on the ladder. Hope he can get it fixed and he will come back again. Also, had some new racers join us. Welcome to the Association and hope to see you again,

Round one got started like really late in the day. Pessemier beat McKillop in a double break out race, 8.883 to 8.882. Thornton used a .005 light and an 8.903 to take out Stutler. Gillespie broke, but Anderson broke out and gave the win to Gillespie. Secondi won when C Linne went red. Lea went 8.900 for force Taylor to break out. G Colletti used a .003 lite to force G Linne to break out more. Theofelis ran closer to the number and beat K Colletti and Archer had the bye.

Round two finally came around and Archer went .019 and 8.900 to Pessemier’s .016 and 8.894. Archer for the win. Secondi won because Gillespie broke in round one. Theofelis took out Lea due to Lea having a red lit start. Thornton also won when G Colletti went red by .001.

Semi final time. Archer won because Thornton miss judged the finish line and broke out. Secondi used a slightly better lite to beat Theofelis in a double break out race.

Final time but wait. Secondi was also in the Super Pro final, so we had a slight delay waiting for him to cool down and refuel. But finally, it was time. Secondi had a better lite but broke out and the win went to Wade Archer.

Nice job Wade and thanks to DG Machine for the extra money.

On to Sunday. The weather cleared up and it was a beautiful day for racing. Today’s race sponsor was Delta Camshaft.  Not everyone stayed to race on Sunday. Only 12 racers. Chuck Linne, Dave Secondi, Dave Thornton, Emmett McKillop, Greg Linne, Greg Pessemier, Greg Taylor, Jack Stutler, John Theofelis, Wade Archer, Mark Loftis, and Ty Anderson were there for the one qualifying pass. This time Mark Loftis did the deed with an 8.903.

Round one found McKillop getting a hole shot on Thornton to take the win. Secondi knocked out Stutler with a .005 lite. Anderson won when G Linne rolled through the beams. Pessemier won when C Linne went red. Taylor used a better light to defeat Loftis. And Theofelis went 8.900 to stay ahead of Archer.

In round two, Taylor beat Pessemier. Secondi with a better light defeated Anderson. Theofelis took out McKillop when McKillop broke out.

Semi final round had Taylor with the bye. Theofelis beat Secondi on a double break out race.

Then it was final round time. Theofelis beat Taylor in a double break out race. Great racing on both days and thanks to Delta Camshaft for the sponsor money.

Only four races left to finish this crazy year.

Our next race is at Pacific Raceways on August 29 and 30.