Sep 22 2020

Woodburn Finale

The final two races of the screwed up 2020 season. Let us move to Woodburn Dragstrip and see who might come out on top of the points series.

First let me say thank you to all who helped me out at Woodburn. I really appreciate the support you racers give me and everyone.

Friday, I got to the track and parked, and Mother Nature then decided to dump some needed rain on the property. All in all, it helped clear out some of the smoke from the wildfires. Then of course the joke was if the event got cancelled, we would finish the year at Bremerton Raceway. LOL Emmett. Smiley face!!!

Race eleven was sponsored by JA Morris Construction. Low qualifier awards were sponsored by Snap On Tools.

At the start of the event, the top five were – Secondi, Linne G, McKillop, Theofelis, and Green.

We had Brian Schmanke, Chuck Linne, Dale Green, Danny Hauter, Darral Petitt, Dave Secondi, Dave Thornton, Diane Petitt, Emmett McKillop, Greg Linne, Greg Pessemier, Greg Taylor, Jack Stutler, John Theofelis, Mark Loftis, and Cooper Chun. A nice round sixteen racers. Let’s get to qualifying. First session, Chun put down an impressive 8.901 and after the second session, no one could get around him. So, Cooper Chun got the #1 Qualifying award from Snap On Tools.

Round one started with McKillop slapping an 8.900 run on Stutler for the win. Green won when Chun went red. Secondi opened the door to the championship when he went red against G Linne. Pessemier lost to Diane Petitt on a double break out race. Theofelis tried hard against Darral Petitt but lost on another double break out race. Thornton used a slightly better light and an 8.896 to force C Linne to break out. Taylor won when Schmanke broke. Loftis broke out and gave the win to Hauter.

Round two came and McKillop moved closer to the championship when he beat Diane Petitt. Darral Petitt used a holeshot to beat G Linne. Taylor also used a holeshot to force Thornton to break out. Then Green put up a .003 package to beat Hauter.

In the semi final round, McKillop went 8.901 to stay ahead of Taylor. Then Darral Petitt used another hole shot to get to the finish before Green.

Final round time. Before it got dark! McKillop and Petitt. Championship points on the line. McKillop goes 8.921 and just beat Petitt to the finish line for the win!!!!!.

So, I did some quick unofficial calculations and at the hamburger protest figured out that the top five was now – McKillop, Secondi, G Linne, Green, and Theofelis. Still lots of room for movement.

Again, thanks to JA Morris Construction for the sponsorship

Sunday morning dawned a little foggy, but otherwise ok. Brian Schmanke, Chuck Linne, Dale Green, Danny Hauter, Darral Petitt, Dave Secondi, Dave Thornton, Diane Petitt, Emmett McKillop, Greg Linne, Greg Pessemier, Greg Taylor, John Theofelis, Mark Loftis, and Cooper Chun came back, and we gained Nick Shephard.

Race was sponsored by Pessemier Racing. Two qualifying session later, we found Chuck Linne on top with an 8.901 run. Snap On Tools provided the award.

Taylor got the win when Loftis was a no show. I did not find out why. Hope things are ok for Loftis. Chun whipped up a .016 package to put out C Linne. Then Thornton helped his Ellensburg buddy out by putting a .013 package on McKillop and forcing him to break out. Hauter then stayed ahead of Darral Petitt and took the win light. Diane Petitt improved her points position by forcing G Linne into a double break out race and taking the win. Pessemier won against Schmanke. Then it was Secondi and Shepard. Secondi needed the win because McKillop was already out. Secondi went .018 and 8.881 to force Shepard to an 8.866 run. Theofelis won when Green went red.

Round two finally started and Thornton missed the tree and Pessemier moved on. Pessemier had a stellar .009 package, he would have been hard to beat anyway. Then Taylor won with a .006 package against a slowing Hauter.

Chun got the win when Theofelis, who was still in the hunt, went red. Secondi gave away a great .009 light with a breakout run against Diane Petitt.

Diane Petitt the moved to the final when Pessemier went red. Chun filled out the other side of the final by using a better light to beat Taylor.

Darkness was setting, time to get this weird season over. Chun had the light, but Petitt ran the finish line better and took the win. Thanks to Pessemier Racing and Snap On Tools.

By my rough calculations, Dave Secondi is the 2020 champion.

I am not sure if, when, or where we will celebrate the 2020 season. I hope things will have calmed down by January.

I will post as soon as I know.

Congratulations to the winners, runner ups and everyone for a really bizarre year.